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There are several ways to finance your education
and thus access our quality 2.0 education:

PST&B is a private technical college that delivers level 6 and 7 qualifications registered in the RNCP. Focused on the professionalization of its students, it aims at the best possible quality of teaching, and relies for that on a project-based pedagogy, involved professional speakers who are experts in their field, as well as a vast network of partner companies. Moreover, PST&B offers a quality supervision allowing each student to live a unique educational experience.

Each student is considered in his or her own projects and supported in all his or her endeavors: searching for internships and jobs or preparing for international trips, learning expeditions or double degrees.  All of these measures contribute to the success of graduates and to their successful integration into professional life.  

Financing arrangements :

Sandwich course

Work-study program (in the 3rd year of the Bachelor's program and during the 2 years of the Master's program): the work-study program with an apprenticeship contract or a professionalization contract allows for part-time paid work.
In the framework of the work-study program, no tuition fees are charged to the student.

Paid internships

Salaries for internships range from 600 to 1000€/month on average, depending on the student's skills and past experience.

Student grant

Merit-based scholarships issued by PST&B help students in precarious situations or can reward certain students according to their record and their involvement in the life of the school. They are awarded on the basis of social or merit criteria.

Student loans

Preferred rate loans are negotiated with financial institutions that are partners of the Galileo Global Education Network.


  • These fees are only valid for the 2022/2023 year, they are subject to change in subsequent years. 
  • The application fee is free for the 2022/2023 year. 

Amount of the deposit per campus (paid at registration) : 

  • Paris: 800€.
  • Strasbourg and Montpellier: 500€.


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